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Levi Lee                         
Hey.....  ;-)
Welcome to Levi Lee's Web site!
 If you want Information about the picture just put your mouse over that picture.  And If you have any questions or comments click on the contact me above and let me know.  If you have any problem with the site, I'm sorry but remember:It's under Construction!  But If you like or don't like something, please let me know.  The site will be changing steadily because of ideas I get so please be patient. Thank You and Enjoy!

Download one of my favorite songs. I'm a Bitch by:Merideth Brooks.  It's good, so you should download it.

Tony Rich;Nobody Knows it But Me. This is also a very good song.  If you click on the title of the song, the download will commence.

These are pictures of the flowers in my Mother's garden

Smile Everyone!  This is just fun, so I put it on the Home Page!