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New Family Pictures
This page is dedicated to new pictures of my family.  You will see pictures of random event or casual visits.  This page will update steadily so please every once in a while just drop in.  Thanks  ;-).

These are all my Aunts, Uncles, or parents.  This is not the happiest time, but one of the only times the whole family has gotten together.  This was my aunts funeral.
this is my Grandmother.  It's kinda blurry, but it is rare....she hates pictures.
This is my Grandpa by marriage, but the only grandpa I've every known....and a darn good one at that!
This is a picture of my brother, John, and our cousin, Adam.
My brother and our cousin.
My brother and my cousin.
This is my brother and my cousins boyfriend.  We are at my sister's graduation.
My sister and I on my award ceremonies night.  She is wearing my awards.
My Grandpa and I playing in the pool.
My sister, Aunt, and Uncle.
Me after my award ceremony.
Mrs. Craig and I.  It was the Award Ceremony.  I was walking back to my seat after accepting the highest grade in Geometry for the year award.....  Yeah....Go me!