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Favorite Links
Loren Cline and I created a web site for our 2nd period English class...  You should go there.
Loren's site, really

A great site for people of all ages is  Neopets is the #1 virtual pet site on the internet.  Go there by this hyper link...

A neat site to go to to get free music is  It's a lot like Napster used to be, but I think it's pretty neat.

You should also see my sisters web site.  She has a lot of family pictures also.  But you should still check it out!
Sally Elizabeth

Another one of my favorite web sites is the Mormon website, I have a couple of them.  The first one is, and the other is  If you have questions about my religion, you can write me in the contact me section of my web site.  I am sure that someone will be able to answer your questions.  Thanks!!!

You can also go to the Drama page at my schools web site.  I made it and it is pretty good.  It is obviously dedicated to the schools Drama club and is made up of all sorts of neat stuff.  I think it is pretty handy for the members of the casts families'.  You should check it out.  It has all sorts of neat stuff, including pictures of the cast.  Enjoy.  Click here!!!